Being a vegetarian is a demanding and positive step to take
The main reasons why somebody may choose to be a vegetarian are:
  1. Religion
  2. Health
  3. Compassion for animals
  4. Ethical environment.
  5. Healthy well balanced vegetarian diets may reduce the chance of developing certain types of illnesses. It is also noticed that people who are vegetarian appear health conscious than a non-vegetarian.
  6. Vegetarian have a strong link in the Asian content, mostly with Hinduism and Buddhism.
  7. The food we eat has a direct impact on the environment for example, non-vegetarian diets require energy resources land & water to produce the food.
  8. Most vegetarians believe it is wrong to kill animals, due to mass farming methods and slaughtering processes.
Vegetarian is increasing in the world more people are deciding to adopt a meat free healthy lifestyle. Due to the rising in vegetarian there has been an increase in products and services in organic farming. Many vegetarians are also rejecting generally modified food and intensive farming procedures which has led to a growth in organic food. This has led us to develop an organisation to provide the advice and information which will verify products and services for the vegetarian community worldwide. This website will contain Product Information, Business Directory, Vegetarian FAQ, Recipes and more for a lacto-ovo-vegetarian lifestyle.

At present, there is no comprehensive database of information of vegetarian products on the world-wide web. It is with this pioneering ambition we have launched this major project. Users can access information regarding products on our website by clicking the product listing menu and by choosing a category.
We at Suitable for Vegetarians have also developed a application that can be downloaded on the App Store which provides the functionality of a barcode scanner from your smartphone. This scanner will be linked to our database. Once the desired product has been scanned you will be provided information telling you if the product is suitable for vegetarians. If in the event the product cannot be displayed it may be because it has not been investigated or is currently pending investigation.

To speed up and increase our database please send us 3 photos and we will endeavour to act upon it.